Finding the right personnel can be a highly intensive affair.
Save yourself the tedious process and thus a lot of time and money. We will gladly search for the suitable specialists and executives for you and take over the pre-selection for you, so that you can use your resources for other projects.

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Our claim: The right employee in the right place.

We take over the complete recruitment process for you:

  • Creation of a meaningful job profile (in consultation with you)
  • Placement of advertisements in print media
  • Placement of ads in digital media and social media
  • Direct approaches
  • Review of all incoming applications
  • Pre-selection of suitable candidates
  • Conducting initial interviews for competent pre-selection
Take the opportunity to make your work easier and benefit from our know-how and experience in recruiting.

health management

Talk to us about your individual ideas on the subject of health management. We will plan for you what you have in mind.

Specialty areas

The main focus of our activity is in these specialized areas.

Employee leasing

Contact us and we will support you with our staff.