Health Management

The health of our employees is important to us.

We promote, as the first service provider in the region, the health of our staff, as well as the health of our customers’ employees.
After all, health is the most important thing in life and contributes to performance and motivation
and is the basis for a positive attitude towards life as well as for commitment on the job.


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We offer our customers and employees
a wide range of occupational health management services:


Health maintenance measures tailored to the individual needs of the companies, such as weekly fitness exercises in a circuit (or individually) with a professional! (physiotherapist)

BGM bei AERB Personal
Gesundheitsmanagement bei AERB Personal

Health and social hotline

The hotline puts our employees in touch with doctors’ offices or counseling centers, where they can get a suitable appointment.
Of course, it is often not easy to seek the help you need when you have problems and to confide in strangers. But that is exactly what we would like to encourage you to do, because it is important to us that you are well and feel comfortable.

Fitness center

Upon request, all our employees receive a membership in a renowned fitness studio.

Fitness Studio bei AERB Personal
Gesundheit bei AERB Personal

Ergonomic workplace analysis

For this purpose, we inspect the individual workplaces with an expert and assess them from an ergonomic point of view!

And much more on request…

The health of our employees is important to us.

Talk to us about your individual ideas on the subject of occupational health management. We will plan for you what you have in mind.

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